“The datajar.mobi service streamlined our Apple infrastructure and they’ve backed it up with excellent customer support.”

Dave Smiles, IT Manager 

The University of Surrey is situated in the heart of Guildford and has a student cohort of approximately 14,000, plus 2,500 staff. The university is renowned for its engineering-focused degrees, but also has links to the UK’s space programme, cyber security, the BBC and the forthcoming ‘5G’ network development.

The university has a large, distributed deployment of Macs. These are both shared and one-to-one, used primarily in shared labs and also for remote staff members. The university realised the Mac was no longer a second class citizen and recognised the need to offer a similar user experience with Apple technology as was already in place with Microsoft devices.

Leveraging datajar.mobi meant the university was able to seamlessly deliver zero-touch deployment, automated application delivery and patching. Managing shared lab and remote 1-to-1 staff based Macs or iPads was now no longer an issue and has enabled educators and students alike to harness the true power of Apple.