Device management-as-a-service.

Your 24/7 management platform for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, all in one place, all managed from the cloud.

Introducing enables you to automatically setup, manage and maintain all your Apple devices simply, centrally and cost effectively. Taking advantage of the latest developments in mobility and mass-automation, it offers users unparalleled clarity and control via a “single pane of glass”.

Our services reduce the costs for supporting and maintaining Apple equipment and provide a secure and scalable management environment. delivers software and settings to Macs, iPads, iPhones and even Apple TV devices, anywhere.

We ensure all of your organisational devices remain under your control regardless of their geographical location.

Powerful and scalable:

“Unparalleled automation and management for your Apple technology, saving time and ensuring compliance.”

Simplified Management.

Management of your estate of iOS and Mac devices can be done from your iPhone or iPad. gives you the power to access device inventory from Mac and iOS devices, enabling you to easily search for specific devices. Once found, Mobile Device Management (MDM) commands can be applied.

Advanced configuration, made simple and at your fingertips. Easily apply a configuration to a specific device or a batch of devices in seconds.

All of this is secured with a passcode, with access granted via a pin pad, Touch ID or Face ID.

With you can:

  • Install new software on a device
  • Change device configuration
  • Query inventory
  • Clear passcode
  • Enable lost mode
  • Update location

Service features

Tier 2


macOS/iOS/tvOS Devices Request pricing

Tier 4


macOS/iOS/tvOS Devices Request pricing services


Fully automated software packaging and deployment services for your Macs.

Classroom Management

Enjoy structured control in the digital classroom.


All the tools to deploy the perfect Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

Device Encryption

Ensuring your data is safeguarded while you’re mobile.


Manage all your mobile devices, all the time, wherever they are.

Self Service

Empower your end-users and reduce IT support enquiries.