“dataJAR is an efficient, professional and highly skilled company to work with.”

Richard Bailey, Schools Technology Manager

7,313 devices migrated to datajar.mobi in two months

The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) is the UK’s leading network of independent girls’ schools, with 23 schools and two academies across England and Wales. Founded in 1872, it educates 19,000 students and employs 3,500 staff.

The GDST already had a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform as well as a highly skilled and distributed enterprise IT team.

The GDST engaged with dataJAR initially with a view of simplifying and integrating approximately 90 existing shared lab and 1:1 staff Mac devices at one of their schools, South Hampstead High School. Leveraging datajar.mobi and dataJAR’s Professional Services team, we delivered a stable, standardised and structured environment for teaching and learning.

Following on from the success of the of the Mac deployment, dataJAR was engaged again on an exciting new 1:1 pupil and staff iPad rollout. Once more, this was well received and continues to be a success.

The GDST has since decided to further expand dataJAR’s datajar.mobi service across all its schools. This task involved 25 schools, 25 management servers and 7,313 devices.

The GDST now have a fully standardised, fully managed implementation of Apple technology nationwide. Tight integration with Apple School Manager was essential, and dataJAR ensured the GDST is ready for future hardware and software changes in the years to come.

As datajar.mobi is offered as a fully managed service, dataJAR’s support team deliver end-to-end support across the GDST with some impressive statistics.

Technology should not be the focus, but the enabler to successful teaching and learning