Introducing Definitions for Auto-Update

Introducing Patch definitionsfor Auto-Update

Since its launch as a cloud based plug-in for Jamf Pro in August 2020, the dataJAR Auto-Update framework has helped Jamf administrators across the globe to fully automate their Mac patch management in a secure and enterprise-level supported way. 

As part of our continuous effort to add useful features to the service, we are excited to release Definitions for Auto-Update today. This is a powerful enhancement to the way Auto-Update integrates with Jamf Pro, enabling the seamless creation and updating of patch definitions for the titles included within the service.

The enhancement brings a cloud-based and managed patch source for Jamf Pro to each Auto-Update user, with the definitions being fully inline with the mechanisms Auto-Update uses to define and detect a title version.

Organisations with an Auto-Update or Hybrid subscription can now not only benefit from Auto-Update keeping more than 700 titles updated, but can also leverage Jamf Pro’s patch reporting mechanism to gain even deeper insights into the patching levels across their managed Mac estate.

More information on Definitions for Auto-Update can be found here. If you would like to learn how Auto-Update is used to automate Mac patch management in forward thinking organisations, see our case studies on Reform and DRPG, or speak to a member of the team for a full product demo.