dataJAR Tech Series: Modern identity management for the Mac

Identity Management for Mac

In partnership with Jamf and Okta, dataJAR hosted another Tech Series event focussing on modern identity management for the Mac. The event combined presentations and Q&A on the topic. 

We were joined by Matt Taylor, Systems Engineer at Jamf, who provided an insight into the latest features and integrations between Jamf Pro, Jamf Connect 2.0 and other identity management solutions. In addition to this, Remi Pendino, Senior Solutions Engineer from Okta, gave us a preview into the new FastPass Solution and how it can be leveraged within Okta’s identity management ecosystem to provide device trust and passwordless onboarding workflows. 

We have provided links and resources from both presentations below. Unfortunately, Remi’s presentation is not available as the Okta products showcased are still in Beta stage and not yet publicly released.

Matt Taylor – Modern identity management for the Mac


Jamf Pro and Okta Device Trust for macOS:

Jamf Pro and Okta Device Trust for iOS and iPadOS:

Okta’s LDAP Interface:

JAMF Nation Community Blog on integrating Jamf Pro and Okta’s LDAP Interface:

Integrating Jamf Connect and Okta”

The Jamf Connect Extension Attributes for Jamf Pro are accessible inside customer Jamf Pro instances at ‘Settings > Computer Management > Extension Attributes’ by selecting ‘New From Template > Jamf Applications’

Jamf Connect Passwordless Authentication reveal at JNUC 2020:

Okta FastPass: