Six reasons why should you use MDM solutions for education

Felix GrantApple, Deployment

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for schools make everyone’s life easier. From making the most of lesson planning, supporting your students learning journeys and the critical consideration of security. 

Here are six ways MDM solutions can help your school:

Optimise lesson time.

Apple School Manager gives you the ability to automatically push applications to devices before a lesson has started to maximise your students’ learning time. You will also minimise your IT team’s workload, freeing them up to help support your students in different ways, while saving your school more money at the same time.

Ensure your school is secure.

One benefit of having a device management solution in place, such as, is you can be sure all your devices are patched and updated. This means that your devices and applications will work as expected, reducing your IT team’s support hours and maximising your students’ learning.

 Most device management solutions have protocols in place to help minimise the risk of device theft, such as the ability to track and see the last check-in time on devices and also lock and wipe devices to remove any sensitive data.

Prevent misuse of devices.

dataJAR’s Apple MDM Solutions for Education can block specific features on devices to ensure students are focused on what they are using the devices for – to learn. If your students distract themselves online and cannot concentrate in class – an MDM solution could significantly reduce this frustration for your teaching staff. 

Make education convenient and accessible.

Our Self Service solution allows teachers and students to be self-sufficient by enabling them to access and download pre-approved apps and resources with no IT input. We believe your Self Service portal should be the first place users go before raising a support request.

Auto-Update from dataJAR gives users freedom and reduces strain on your helpdesk.

Captivate students with technology.

Research shows, if carefully managed, technology can significantly boost children’s learning. “Mobile devices are part of the fabric of children’s lives today: They are here to stay, it is no longer a question of whether we should use these devices to support learning, but how and when to use them.”[1]

The Girls’ Day School Trust is a group of 25 independent schools who utilise iPads and technology in general as an additional learning tool for their students. Their students use industry-standard technology at school, so they can then go on to use it effectively in the workplace.

Preparing your students to be digitally literate and confident with the use of technology is a worthwhile investment.

Device support.

By utilising Apple School Manager and a managed solution such as, you can access support and knowledge some schools may not have internally. This means any institution, no matter the internal resources, can implement an Apple device management solution.

These are just a few good reasons why you should use Mobile Device Management (MDM) in your school. If you’d like to know more or would like to chat to see if we can help, we would love to hear from you. Drop us a line here and we’ll be in touch to arrange a call.