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Our fully managed service, is for organisations who do not have access to, or employ, experienced IT professionals focused on Apple technology.

Our fully managed service, is for organisations who do not have access to, or employ, experienced IT professionals focused on Apple technology. It is also suitable for organisations who are looking to scale up and outsource some of their IT services to provide agility to internal IT teams.

We deliver, for your organisation, a fully managed Apple device management and support service, which is pre-configured and bespoke for you. This saves you the time and cost of developing an often complex management environment.


Our service is designed to grow with organisations from 25 to 40,000 devices. The advantage of utilising such a service is that it will not require further staffing costs where there might be a shortage of skills. We provide all the technical resources so you do not have to. Our experienced team of developers and system engineers are at your disposal and we can solve problems quicker and more efficiently, saving you time.

Utilising Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, provides a full zero-touch service (device configured out-the-box) enabling staff to set up their own devices without the IT support overhead. It transforms the speed of onboarding new starters giving you your time back.

Our service is built within our private cloud platform for organisations requiring reliable yet outstanding performance. It couples best-of-breed technology with next-level expertise to ensure is always up and giving the best possible service.

Unlike the public cloud, with you are not sharing resources. Each customer gets their own containerised instance and we can diagnose performance issues quickly and efficiently.

Simplified Management.

As a customer we can greatly simplify the control of your Apple estate via our Management application for macOS and iOS. We provide the power for you to access device inventory data, apply simple management commands, such as clear a passcode on an iPhone, as well as software installations, all from the touch of a button.

We have integrated our Management applications deeply into our service to simplify complex IT tasks for non-IT professionals. Access to your support team is just a click away.

Features in detail:

  • Secured with a passcode, or access granted via a pin pad, TouchID or FaceID.
  • Access to detailed device inventory data.
  • Apply management commands across single devices or groups of devices.
  • Visibility of device status with a snapshot of key functions for compliance, like FileVault encryption and Active Directory status.
  • Change device configurations on-the-fly.

All of your applications, installed and patched with Auto-Update.

A key feature of is our unique approach to automated software delivery which we call Auto-Update. Auto-Update ensures all your Apple devices are up to date and are protected against threats, meaning we can provide enterprise class services to any size of organisation or institution. With Auto-Update we can provide automated installations, updates and uninstallations for all of your software titles. Common titles such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office require your organisation to have the correct license, but we will ensure these are installed and updated periodically as well as those important operating system updates.

Our Auto-Update service also comes with its very own dedicated software caching virtual appliance. This is designed to be installed at your organisation’s headquarters, branch offices or buildings, ensuring your end-users are not waiting for their software updates to download and install. This enhances the user experience, boosts productivity and ensures your organisation's devices remain secure.

Unlimited, enterprise-class support.

With every service we include full, unlimited support for macOS, iOS and tvOS. Our industry leading, Apple focused, UK based service desk is at your disposal, boasting 100 per cent customer satisfaction with most incidents resolved in under an hour. We would not expect you to just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

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