dataJAR update to coronavirus (COVID-19)

James RidsdaleGeneral

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve and if, like me, you have been glued to the daily reports from the government, I wanted to update you on our response at dataJAR

We have been inundated with enquiries on how we can help organisations better enable remote working. This is not as simple as just taking a laptop home, and many different factors come into focus for each environment. At dataJAR we practice what we preach and, put simply, do not recommend anything until we have tried and tested it ourselves, first hand.

I firmly believe in providing succinct solutions to solve modern problems – solutions that do not always come from a single product, but from best-in-class products such as Jamf, Okta and Code42, tightly integrated into one simple offering. We call this

To support organisations that are not already enjoying the simplicity and power of our service, I am offering to remove our setup costs and, while this uncertainty continues, I will make this service free for at least three months. We will provide a fully configured system to onboard, secure and keep your workforce patched, or deliver educational content to your now distributed school. My team members are experts in enabling such systems and can have entire environments configured remotely within a matter of days.

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As always, please stay safe and contact us with any questions.

Kind regards,

James Ridsdale

Managing Director and Founder