QR codes are coming

James RidsdaleApple, iOS

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) have been around since 1994. They proved very popular on platforms such as Android, but on the iOS platform third party apps are required to … Read More

Say ‘hi’ to Richard Mallion

James RidsdaleGeneral

After another successful year, we are excited to reveal a new addition to the dataJAR team. Richard Mallion eats, sleeps and breathes Apple and has worked in the IT industry … Read More

Getting ready for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra

James RidsdalemacOS

Following the slew of announcements at Apple’s media event last week, we thought we’d share some important information with you. This is to ensure that you’re not caught out when … Read More

The rise of the Mac.

Mark TsuchihashiApple

How to manage the shift from PC to Mac in your workplace. Increasing numbers of large businesses, SMEs, education establishments – and their staff – are adopting Mac technologies As … Read More