Changes to Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager

Changes to Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager

Following communications from Apple on October 19, 2021, it has been announced there will be new terms and conditions to agree on March 31, 2022.

When releasing a new OS version, Apple often updates the macOS, iOS or tvOS Software License Agreement. If the Software License Agreement is updated, an Apple School Manager administrator or the Device Enrolment Program agent must log into the program website to review and agree to the updated terms.

If these new terms and conditions are not accepted, new assignments or deployments of devices will no longer work.

What to do next

When these agreements are updated, an administrator must sign into the program website to accept the new agreements.

Apple School Manager:

Apple Business Manager:

Do you have Managed Apple IDs?

​​If you are utilising Managed Apple IDs on an unverified domain, you must verify all domains before December 8, 2021. For more information, refer to the Apple support article Verify domains in Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager.

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