Identity Management from dataJAR and Okta

The most complete access management platform for your workforce and customers, securing all your critical resources from cloud to ground.

Okta is the identity standard for modernising your IT and Okta Logos

The most comprehensive access management platform for your workforce and consumers, securing all your important resources from cloud to ground.

Legacy IT can be a massive inconvenience

Key concerns that slow modernising enterprise IT:

maintenance Icon

Maintenance often needs urgent attention and risks damaging integrations and upgrades.

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Legacy solutions are inadequate to properly communicate between on-premises, mobile, and the cloud.

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Employees encounter different obstacles depending on how they interact with sensitive data.

Okta can modernize IT for more compliance and productivity

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Decrease Costs and Enhance Efficiency

Less time in maintenance mode with automated updates and an uncomplicated admin interface


Increase IT Agility

Wide application options with accelerated deployment and integration time
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Deliver Additional Business Value

Save time for customers across web-based and mobile applications

The Okta Identity Management Solution

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