Simplified Management

James RidsdaleiOS, macOS, Management

Are your using Simplified Management?

Introduced in August 2018, and provided FREE to all customers is our Simplified Management application. Simplified Management provides you with the insight and control of your Apple estate and is available for macOS and iOS.

What is it?

We provide the power for you to access device inventory data, apply simple management commands, such as clear a passcode on an iPhone and iPad, as well as change device configurations, all from the touch of a button.

Features in detail:

  • Access to detailed device inventory data
  • Apply management commands across single devices or groups of devices
  • Visibility of device status with a snapshot of key functions for compliance (FileVault encryption and Active Directory status)
  • Change device configurations on-the-fly
  • Rename and Asset Tag devices
  • Export device details
  • Request support on a device
  • View custom reports
  • Enable and disable device Restrictions

How do I get it?

If you do not have the application please contact our support team and we will issue a license key. Further information on Simplified Management can be found on our support page and also on our website.