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Certified Apple and Jamf Pro Training

In today's competitive business climate, it is no longer enough to sell the best product on the market. You need to back it up with the very best in customer service and support.

Train your team to unlock the power of Apple and Jamf Pro.

You need staff who are completely at ease with their products, who see customer care as an on-going process and not an afterthought. They should have the competitive edge when it comes to sales and the quality edge when it comes to service. Above all, you want people who understand the needs of the customers they serve.

That is why the single most important investment you can make is in training. Of course, it all takes time, but the sooner your employees are learning, the sooner they will be earning to their full potential - which is where is where dataJAR can help.

Depending on what solution is right for you, we offer a variety of implementation services with multiple delivery methods to ensure you are managing your Apple fleet confidently.

  • Apple Certified training
  • Certified training on iOS and macOS
  • Jamf Integrators
  • Apple Consultant Network
  • Jamf Gold Reseller
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Whether you're new to Jamf Pro or are well in to your end-point management journey, our JumpStart courses and Jamf Pro training is designed to get your Apple systems professionally configured for your unique environment. We'll also ensure your technical team is self-sufficient in the use of the software.

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Supporting macOS

The Supporting macOS training course is a 2-day leader-led course with a mix of hands-on labs and theory. It’s designed for support analysts who want to learn more about installing and supporting macOS within a Windows environment.

iOS Security, Deployment and Management

The iOS Security, Deployment and Management training course is a 2-day leader-led course designed to cover all the skills required to deploy, secure and manage iOS devices in business and education.

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Jamf Pro
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Jamf Gold Reseller

"A very worthwhile afternoon - looking forward to getting stuck into the system. Thank you all very much."

Jamf Pro Jumpstart Course

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