The rise of the Mac.

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How to manage the shift from PC to Mac in your workplace.

Increasing numbers of large businesses, SMEs, education establishments – and their staff – are adopting Mac technologies

As JAMF show in their annual Software Trends Survey, the stats in support of Mac’s growing influence are hard to ignore.

Integrating these new devices and systems can be a challenge for IT departments, but simple, effective and powerful solutions are available, whilst the benefits are undeniable.

A year in the life of Mac

The JAMF Software Trends Survey 2015 reveals that Mac uptake continues to grow across business and education environments:

  • 64% of IT pros surveyed say Mac is “easier to manage than other computer platforms”
  • 78% see the iPhone and iPad as “easier to manage than other mobile device platforms”
  • 96% of businesses provide internal IT support for Mac
  • Mac now accounts for 8% of overall market share
  • Two-thirds of enterprise IT professionals expect the Mac to continue to cut into PC share

This trend only goes one way

Mac is now well established throughout businesses and education establishments and according to JAMF, the trend is only set to continue, driven by:

  • User preference and employee choice. Organisations recognise that correct employee tools increase productivity, creativity and self-sufficiency
  • Excellent business PC replacement products, including: Macbook & iPad Pro
  • Greater security and easier management. With zero-touch deployment and more robust security, Apple saves IT departments time and increases safety
  • 2016 will be the year of transformative mobile industry apps, helping drive change for mission critical tasks
  • Mainstream adoption of Apple Watch

Take a peek at JAMF Software’s CEO Dean Hager reviewing the survey’s findings and offering his predictions for technology trends in 2016:

Apple estate management

IT admins know they need to be on top of prevailing Apple trends for two vital reasons:

  1. To prepare for the influx and increased numbers of Apple devices that could potentially come into their environment
  2. To ensure they have management solutions in place to provide professional tools to manage and administer Apple devices at scale

JAMF Casper Suite – used by IBM & Apple to deploy and manage devices, OS X & iOS – is the Apple management platform of choice. 

Trained and certified by both JAMF and Apple, dataJAR have the expertise and experience to deploy, manage and support your Apple estate.

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