“If I email or call dataJAR, our issues are resolved within 15 minutes”

Conan Doherty - Senior IT Administrator


Teckro is a mobile digital answers engine, currently powering clinical trials for the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. With offices in Ireland and the US, Teckro is rethinking every element of clinical research; the people, the processes and the technologies used. By making it possible for all relevant information to be instantly accessible to every active member of a trial, and for entire study teams to be connected effortlessly, dataJAR is helping Teckro broaden the possibilities of what they can achieve.

We support the Teckro team wherever they are, ensuring device compliance and security policies are enforced. Employees are able to set up their own Macs, as they connect automatically to datajar.mobi straight out-of-the-box. There are no complex processes for the team to master, they just do what they do best - look after their customers while dataJAR works behind the scenes to support them as they grow their business.