Support Fair Usage Policy

Revised: 08/02/2022
Version: 8.0 Unlimited Support

If you have a unlimited support subscription, the fair usage limits set out in the table below apply. 

If you are unsure which support tier you are on, you can consult your most recent quote or invoice, or ask us via

If you have both an iOS and a macOS unlimited support subscription you should add together the fair usage limit for each to get your total. We consider average monthly support usage when checking that you are within the fair usage limit, so do not worry if you have recently joined us and your support usage seems high to begin with while you are perfecting your configuration. In accordance with the agreed terms and conditions of your contract, extra charges apply where the fair usage limit is consistently exceeded.

Auto-Update for Jamf Support

Customers with an Auto-Update for Jamf subscription have up to 10 hours* of support per year.

*Any configuration changes which exceed two hours in duration are no longer considered a Support case and will instead be considered  Professional Services, in which case a quote will be supplied to that effect. dataJAR reserves the right to not conclude work on the problem/issue at hand until a Professional Services contract has been signed to complete the work.