Say ‘hi’ to Ben Toms (aka the MacMule)


Hi, my name is Ben Toms.

I’ve recently joined the team here at dataJAR as a Systems Engineer I’d like to introduce myself.

I’ve been tinkering with Macs for 15 years, from OS 9 in music studios through to administering enterprise Mac and mobile environments.

Throughout my career I’ve leveraged the brain trust that is the Apple Admin community, also founded London Apple Admins and have given back via my blog (, the blog with the tag line: “Doing the donkey work, to make you look like a smart ass!”

I’ve been awarded a Deanship at the JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC) for the past 3 years, for my contributions to the JAMF Nation community.

In a lovely moment, the community funded my trip to JNUC 2015 via a GoFundMe campaign. To repay their faith, I did a talk trying to demystify certificates.

And during my most recent talk at, I tried to explain UI & UX via music.

I am also an admin for on Slack and have released a few open source projects such as AutoCasperNBIand AutoImagrNBI, as well as becoming the maintainer of ADPassMon.

I can be found helping folks via, JAMF Nation, or MacEnterprise Mailing List. When not there, I’m a husband and father of two lovely kids.

I don’t take myself too seriously but I believe in delivering solutions to folks that better their working experience.

It’s this ethos that has attracted myself to dataJAR and dataJAR to me. Let’s do things right, let’s do things once, and let’s try and have a laugh!

I’m really looking forward to working and speaking with you soon.