Say ‘hi’ to Richard Mallion

James RidsdaleGeneral

After another successful year, we are excited to reveal a new addition to the dataJAR team.

Richard Mallion eats, sleeps and breathes Apple and has worked in the IT industry for many years. Just a few weeks into his new role as Systems Engineer with dataJAR, he’ll be jetting off to San Francisco to further develop his skills to cement his position as one of the best in the business.

Richard began his tech journey as a junior developer writing pen plotter drivers for macOS. He moved into a support role a few years later, specialising in integrating Macs into PC networks, first with Novell networks and then Microsoft networks. During this time he had the privilege of working for a number of high profile Apple centres in London. For the past two decades he has been Soho based, working for Amsys, the go-to organisation for Apple training in the UK.

Initially, his role at Amsys was to set up and manage their Apple consultancy department. Whilst heading up the department he took on a variety of projects which included rolling out the UK coverage of AppleCare, writing a number of training courses, some of which were used by Apple, and establishing the Amsys conference, which has grown into the largest event of its kind in the UK.

Richard is an authorised Apple trainer, having gained the Apple Master Training certificate and, more recently, also delivers the CCT course for Jamf. A keen iOS app developer, in his spare time Richard has written the ReviseIT and Services apps, another valuable skill we are delighted he will bring to our team.

Richard can be reached at:
t: @richardmallion