Please support us!

As some of you may be aware, dataJAR has been threatened with legal action by T-Mobile (DTAG) as they say the magenta in our logo is similar to theirs:

Read the BBC article.
Read The Register article.

We support protecting brand identity and trademarking colours that are used in branding, but utilising intellectual property trolls to target small, vulnerable businesses just because their colour is similar and not the same colour, is just insane. This is law gone mad. We strongly think this is counter-productive and outright bullying.

"We should inspire and encourage new British businesses, not hunt and destroy them."

What you can do...

In order to show your support, please ask your marketing team to change your logo to #magenta (hex: #DF549E/rgb 225,96,163) and post it up to social media ensuring your tag @datajarltd and @TMobile

Also use the tags: #magentagate #magentatoo

Any help you can give would be outstanding and would help support our cause.