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The team here at dataJAR is passionate about being present in the Apple community. We have recently been part of some really exciting moments, which we’d love to share with you.

MacAdmins’ Podcast

Last week, our directors James and Ben were guests on the MacAdmins’ podcast.

If you are yet to hear this podcast, it is recorded twice weekly and produced in partnership with, which is a fantastic community of Apple admins on Slack.

James and Ben popped up on episode 55, where they discussed combing open source software with commercial products and other Apple related topics.

Check it out right here.

Jamf Nation User Conference 2017

This year, Ben represented dataJAR at the annual JNUC conference in Minneapolis, and he was certainly a man in demand.

You can watch him presenting and sitting on two major sessions at the event.

Ben’s first session featured on the opening day and explored how and when to use Patch, AutoPKG and VPP together.

He covered the pros and cons of getting apps to end users using the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) from Apple, which not only deploys apps but automatically updates them too.

His presentation also explored the deploying and updating of apps outside the App stores and covered the use of open source tools such as AutoPkg and AutoPkgr.

Finally, he touched on the new patch management system coming with Jamf Pro 10.

Day two involved Ben contributing on a panel where the subject up for discussion was modern packaging and distribution workflows.

Ben also assisted with the representation of JumpCloud at the conference. JumpCloud has a great offering for directory-as-a-service, allowing you to store and access user account information from the cloud, enabling you to connect your users to applications, devices and networks.

All the details of Ben’s talks and the full JUNC schedule can be found here.

Mac Admin and Developer Conference 2018

We are delighted to announce dataJAR will be speaking at the MacADUK 2018 conference in Leicester Square.
Details can be found here as and when they become available.