Introducing GroundControl: multi-host iOS supervision on Windows and Mac.

Enterprise scale provisioning of shared use iOS devices - from the cloud.

Wave bye bye to Apple Configurator

With GroundControl supervised devices are no longer "locked" to a single host. So you can benefit from multi-host iOS supervision across Windows PCs and Mac.

The system is also aggressive with caching and saves bandwidth when deploying iOS devices to remote sites.

Enjoy extensive functionality

It’s easy to benefit from GroundControl’s extensive functionality.

Simply download the GroundControl LaunchPad agent, which runs on any PC or Mac, and press 'Start'.

GroundControl will then enable you to:

  • Supervise
  • Update iOS
  • Enable Touchless MDM Enrolment
  • Set MDM User
  • Set MDM Group
  • Set Timezone
  • Side-Load Content
  • Set Apple ID
  • Set Icon Positions
  • Hide default Apple apps (iOS 9.3 required)
  • Utilise Factory Reset
  • Set Name
  • Set Home & Lock Screen
  • Set Language
  • Power Off
  • Enable fully touchless workflows for shared devices
  • Exploit medical or retail POS
  • Trigger GroundControl when plugged into the charging cart
  • Re-provision every day to remove private data, foreign Wi-Fi networks, and employee "customisation"
  • Resolve issues on-site - stop shipping devices to depot
  • Easily change the role of any device
  • Use critical features to prevent data loss
  • Deliver iOS Updates with security patches within 24 hours to every device

Unlock your supervised devices

Ground Control is the complete replacement of Apple's Configurator.

Hosted in the cloud it delivers powerful central management and massive scalability - easily.

GroundControl and dataJAR

GroundControl is an extremely powerful tool and the perfect complement to dataJAR’s MDM services and Apple's DEP.

For further information on GroundControl or to request a demo, please get in touch.

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