Extension of Adobe’s student access to Creative Cloud from home devices

Darren WallaceApple, macOS

Back in March, Adobe allowed the temporary use of Creative Cloud products for students working from home on their personal devices, even if you only have a non-Shared Device License (SDL), Device License (DL) or Serial Number License (SNL). This was in relation to the COVID-19 worldwide lockdown response.

Yesterday, this was officially extended from the original date of May 31st 2020 to July 6th 2020 at no additional cost.

How can I apply?

To apply for the temporary program, you can fill in the form by clicking the below link, and Adobe should respond within 3 business days. Once access has been granted, your users will need to log into a local installation of the Adobe Applications with their Adobe ID, Federated ID or Enterprise ID that is present in your Adobe Admin console.

More details

Full details of the program can be found at Enabling student access to Creative Cloud during COVID-19 campus closures.