Self Service MDM

Empower end-users, reduce help desk calls, bring Self Service to the masses.

Efficiency and control

We believe your Self Service portal should be the first place users go before raising a support request.

Our Self Service MDM software gives users freedom and reduces strain on your help desk.

Provide your users with the option to:

  • install software
  • remove software
  • setup a printer
  • run maintenance on their systems

Empowering your users to do tasks like this without needing to contact your help desk improves efficiency for all, whilst still enabling your IT department to control essential systems.

Mac integration and configuration

Self Service is a major part of our Apple device manager, It can be leveraged to integrate content from the Apple App Store, or custom content hosted elsewhere.

We can integrate Self Service into directory services, and technology such as iBeacon, to provide configurations based on:

  • the physical location of a Mac
  • the physical location of an iPad
  • your identity

There is also a ‘plugin’ module that enables further integrations into well-known third-party software.

Demo offer

IT Self Service is a win-win feature for all workplace and education environments.

Users are empowered, IT departments are freed to concentrate on more pressing tasks, and all essential controls are still maintained.

See the benefits for yourself with a Self Service demo, or get in touch to discover more.

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