Manage all your mobile devices, all the time, wherever they are.

Manage all of your devices, all the time, wherever they are.

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Effortless integration

Apple has led the way with Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology, ushering in scalable software distribution and zero-touch deployment.

dataJAR’s technical knowhow – allied to Apple’s technology (including: Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) and Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) – means we can integrate and manage your fleet of Macs and iPads effortlessly.

Instant installation

Configuration settings can be deployed in just a few simple clicks and installed almost instantly on all devices.

We offer granular management of software and settings, all fully supported by Apple.

Our cloud service enables you to embrace changes in the IT retail landscape like ‘bring your own device’. Businesses and schools can reduce device ownership costs whilst increasing productivity.

We offer large-scale iPad or Mac deployment fully utilising Device Enrolment Programme so devices are ready before they have been unboxed, making mass-deployment a breeze.

dataJAR offer powerful and elegant solutions for business and education.

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