Control the digital classroom and make lesson time more productive.

We understand that managing devices in an educational environment offers its fair share of challenges. Strict device management can impact on the user experience, but having no management can impair teaching. It’s therefore important to be able to control devices when required.


Apple School Manager

We have full support and integration into Apple School Manager, a web-based portal for IT administrators to manage people, devices and content all from one place. Apple School Manager provides various capabilities such as mass creation of managed Apple IDs, and integration into Student Information Systems. Discover how to enrol into Apple School Manager as well as more information on its capabilities.

Easy-to-use iPad interface

We can provide a simple, easy-to-use interface to control iPads in the classroom. If content such as an eBook or a website needs sending to all devices in the classroom, no problem.

The interface has been designed with the instructor or teacher in mind, so after initial setup there is no involvement from IT, even if a passcode needs clearing on an iPad.

Focus and enrichment

Using Mobile Device Management we can lock devices to a single app or website, disabling the home button. We call this ‘focusing’ the device.

A focus can be applied ad-hoc or on a scheduled basis by uploading class schedules to our cloud service,


If we manage your Apple TV’s then these can be assigned to the class enabling the instructor or teacher to AirPlay an iPad to an Apple TV within the class. This is a great way to enrich the classroom experience.

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