blog.dataJAR – Updates to our service


In response to requests by our customers, we have been busy making some amendments to our macOS offering.

Given the current situation, we have held back on making significant changes for the time being, but below are the adjustments we are rolling out now across any deployment with macOS devices.


Our Auto-Update framework will now post a persistent notification when a logout is required.

If the message is clicked, an application will launch advising what is awaiting install and why a logout is required.

If the message is dismissed, it will reprompt as required.

However, if you are presenting, we will not bother you with updates.

These new notifications have been accomplished via an application built in-house.

This application leverages not only the older Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), but also the newer ones Apple has made available for macOS 10.14 and newer, and may be open sourced in the future.

Progress Screen

Progress Screen now supports Dark Mode and other changes mean it will resume the provisioning process when interrupted due to a premature restart.