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Data security for the collaborative and remote enterprise

Insider threat protection for the new way we work.

Simple, fast detection and response to data loss from insider threats with dataJAR and Code42

dataJAR and Code42

Our partnership with Code42 brings best-in-class data loss protection for your workforce. With Code42 and dataJAR’s device management platform,, your data will be protected while you continue to work to full capacity, safe in the knowledge your files are visible and can be retrieved efficiently and securely at any time. 

Want to see how safe your organisation's data is?

Register for a Code42 insider threat workshop to go through hands-on exercises that demonstrate the steps you can take with Code42 to protect your intellectual property when an employee has decided to leave your organization.

Stop insider threat before brand damage is done.

The three most common insider threat data risks:


Employees leaving

Most employees take data when they leave. Code42 in partnership with dataJAR can help mitigate that risk.


Data Leak

Code42 helps you detect when sensitive data is at risk.


Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A often results in employee turnover and layoffs. Code42 will protect your data during this transition.

Code42 Data Loss Protection for Insider Threats.

Watch how Code42 protects company data when employees quit

How Code42 works:

Continuously monitor file activity to detect risk

  • Track creation, modification and movement of files on Windows, Mac and Linux computers
  • Collect file content and associated metadata to speed insider threat investigations
  • Monitor data movement within corporate cloud environments such as OneDrive, Google Drive and Box

Quickly investigate insider threats

  • Access comprehensive file details including file hash, owner, path, size, and category alongside device information such as hostname and IP address
  • All file activity is automatically indexed and made searchable to reduce the time it takes to detect and respond to insider threats
  • Security teams can review event activity in seconds -- even when user devices are offline

Easily identify suspicious behaviour

  • Detect when users move files to removable media, web browsers/applications and cloud sync folders
  • Identify files that are shared externally via corporate OneDrive, Google Drive and Box accounts
  • Define alert criteria based on user, data exfiltration vector and file count or size

Access and recover files in seconds

  • Quickly access file contents to determine their sensitivity and value
  • Restore files that have been deleted
  • Recover files from lost and stolen devices