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Data Loss Protection

Finally, a DLP you can love for Macs. Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection easily supports Macs without slowing down users.

Quickly and easily protect data from loss, leak, misuse and theft.

dataJAR and Code42

Our partnership with Code42 brings best-in-class data loss protection for your mobile workforce. Combined with our device management platform,, we can protect your data without slowing down your business, delivering powerful file visibility, retrieval and retention capabilities through a single, centralised view.

DLP Built for Mac

Explore how Code42 revolutionises DLP with a new protection approach focused on files.

No support delays

Next-Gen DLP ensures up-to-date support so you mitigate risk of data loss and maintain compliance

No OS inconsistency

Next-Gen DLP supports Mac and Windows and ensures consistency across all platforms

No software conflicts

Next-Gen DLP does not push updates at the kernel level so you can avoid associated software conflicts

No time wasting

Next-Gen DLP  doesn’t debilitate machines--only one, lightweight agent

Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection

Watch how Code42 revolutionises DLP with a new protection approach focused on files.

Deploy Code42 in days with to quickly address key data security challenges.

Detect insider threats

Improve visibility to file exfiltration and data loss events related to employee off-boarding, M&A, intellectual property theft and employee mistakes.

Help satisfy regulatory compliance

Shorten reporting times for GDPR and other data privacy laws, help meet HIPAA compliance and support corporate litigation processes.

Speed up incident response

Accelerate data breach and theft investigations, simplify incident response processes and pre-empt incidents with more effective threat hunting.

Ensure business continuity

Rapidly recover from any data incident. Files are silently and automatically collected from every user’s endpoint, making restores simple and fast.

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If you would like to find out more about Data Loss Protection for your organisation, please request a callback to find out more.

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