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Data Loss Protection

Finally, a DLP you can love for Macs. Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection easily supports Macs without slowing down users.

Quickly and easily protect data from insider threats within your organisation

dataJAR and Code42

Our partnership with Code42 brings best-in-class data loss protection for your mobile workforce. Combined with our device management platform,, your data will be protected while you continue to work to full capacity, safe in the knowledge your files are visible and can be retrieved efficiently and securely at any time.

Best-in-class Data Loss Protection

The three most common insider threat data risks:


Employees leaving

Most employees take data when they leave. Code42 in partnership with dataJAR can help mitigate that risk.


Data Leak

Code42 helps you detect when sensitive data is at risk.


Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A often results in employee turnover and layoffs. Code42 will protect your data during this transition.

Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection

Watch how Code42 revolutionises DLP with a new protection approach focused on files.

Code42 is made faster and simpler through:

Historical breadth

  • Collect file activity from computers and cloud
  • Preserve copies of files for as long as needed

Forensic depth

  • Log all user file activity for 90 days
  • Get details on data exfiltration events

File access

  • Access files to determine sensitivity
  • Restore deleted or modified files
  • Recover files from lost and stolen laptops

Want to see how safe your organisation's data is?

Register for a Code42 insider threat workshop to go through hands-on exercises that demonstrate the steps you can take with Code42 to protect your intellectual property when an employee has decided to leave your organization.