“The defining yes moment was when we realised we could deploy a Mac to a user within minutes.”

Damian Savage, Group IT Manager

Jellyfish is a full service digital marketing agency ranked in The Sunday Times International Track 200 and has a global presence. They employ in the region of 450 staff and have offices in the UK and globally in locations such as Brighton, Reigate and London, as well as in the United States and South Africa.

When dataJAR was engaged to assist with Jellyfish’s technologies, Apple devices were in use throughout the organisation, but not standardised. With a need for compliance Jellyfish implemented Jamf Pro. However, IT resources within the company were limited and, although the team had implemented Jamf, they found the time and effort required to configure their estate a real challenge.

As a starting point, we implemented datajar.mobi, which had a fully configured management environment built in less than three days by our implementation engineers. The migration from Jamf Cloud to datajar.mobi was automatic and completely seamless.

Auto-Update forms part of datajar.mobi was also implemented, allowing for autonomous software updates of third-party applications. Virtual accelerator appliances were deployed to every geographic office location, streamlining software delivery. Escalated support is now provided to Jellyfish by the dataJAR team of experts.