Free your iPads, free your files and liberate the classroom.

Edit and share documents on any device – Free your files!

Join forces with colleagues, or free yourself from your desk with collaborative files in the cloud.

Digital strategy

Congratulations! Your school or university now has a multitude of iPads, widespread wireless and intelligent MDM. But technology is just a means to an end – to be truly enabling it should be backed-up by rigorous, intuitive and effective systems. A digital collaboration strategy enables you to share documents easily with other devices or users and in doing so help transform the learning environment.

iPad deployment challenges

Let’s say you have a shared-use iPad deployment. How do you intend to get the data off those devices before they are refreshed at the end of the school day? 

Or perhaps you have a 1:1 rollout – wouldn’t it be nice to give students access to their network home folder?

Well, now you can. 

Datajar scoured the market for the best solution and found Foldr.

Fuss-free Foldr

Foldr quickly turns your existing servers into on-premise cloud storage – simply, safely and securely. No new accounts. No data to transfer. No fuss.

There’s no need to give your data and documents to an external company for ‘safe keeping’. With Foldr your files stay on your servers.

Users can use the same devices that they use every day to take pictures and video, make notes and access learning resources – whether in the classroom or on a field trip. Files are uploaded directly to your network and are immediately accessible across all devices.

Harness technology in the classroom

Shared learning resources and networked hand-in areas make it easy to set and collect work and help teachers and students to harness new technologies in education.

Foldr is a key application for the forward-thinking and connected school.

Your existing network – infinite new possibilities.

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