Code42 & dataJAR offer: 60 days of free data security software

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What to do when data becomes invisible in a work-from-home world

Like many other businesses, dataJAR and Code42 have been looking for ways to help as this pandemic sweeps across the world. Many of our customers have asked their employees to work from home, which has put an incredible amount of stress on IT and security organizations.

The Remote Employee Challenge

For the last two weeks, Code42 has been designing and building a view into the potential data loss that may be happening as a result of the massive change in how people are working. The goal was to give more visibility to security teams who have trouble detecting when employees — intentionally or accidentally — put data at risk while using collaboration tools off the network.

Code42 gives you a cross-company view into off-network file activity, including cloud sync applications and web uploads. It lets you validate proper use of company collaboration tools, including Slack and OneDrive, allowing you to quickly detect, investigate and respond to data exfiltration by remote employees.

That’s why we’re offering this new capability to enterprise companies for 60 days at no cost,  with no commitments!

It’s a small gesture in the scheme of things, but we hope it helps. 

Seeing Where Data Lives and Moves

At a time when so much data activity is happening off-network, what security teams had visibility to last week is invisible this week. 

Let’s face it; employees will do what they need to do to get their jobs done. They will upload files to Dropbox or Box. They may email business files to their personal email so they can work from their home computer. Or they might go old-school and copy work data to a USB thumb drive. 

This is bound to happen as employees settle into working from their home offices.

How can Code42’s new work-from-home view help your security and IT teams? 

They’ll be able to:

  • Pinpoint remote employees who take the most significant risks with files.
  • Detect unauthorized use of Dropbox, iCloud, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive.
  • Provide an organization-wide view of browser upload activity, including attachments to personal email, and uploads to personal cloud sync systems. 
  • Alert security teams to users with risky file activity based on file type, count and size.
  • Offer historical user activity profiles to speed insider threat investigations.

The Offer Details

Our offer is open to enterprise companies while they work through this new “normal.” To start using our new work-from-home view for 60 days at no cost, sign up by May 30, 2020, by clicking here or contacting dataJAR.