A customer success story powered by Apple and dataJAR

Here at dataJAR we thrive on customer satisfaction, and who better to tell you about their experiences with us than the customers themselves?

Let us introduce you to Joe, managing director of Chartwell Learning and Development. They made the decision to introduce the use of iPads to deliver their training programmes and the business has undergone a huge transformation.

In order to effectively manage their new devices and get the most from them, Chartwell was directed to dataJAR by the Churchill Square Business Team as we specialise in supporting Apple technologies.

In this video, Joe tells Chartwell’s story and explains how both Apple and dataJAR have facilitated and supported them on their journey.

If your customers require assistance turning their vision into a reality, or simply need an effective and efficient management platform or support partner, then look no further than dataJAR.

Not only are we a leading partner of Jamf, we have extensive experience working with Apple Stores across the UK and, as an ACN partner, it is our job to ensure your customers succeed with Apple.