We protect and secure your data while mobile and at rest. Using the latest integrated software and technology, we can encrypt and store your data, as well as your customers.

Existing systems

When we ask our customers how they backup their data, their answers vary. Some say they use an external hard drive, whilst some still backup to tape.

However, most of the time neither backup ever leave the building (the same building where the master data resides). And the frequency with which backups occur depends on whether the hard drive was connected to the computer or the tape cartridge was changed.

IT policy

In addition, many IT or ICT policies state that data is only backed up if it’s saved to the network. But on occasions where your network extends beyond the boundaries of your firewall, devices still have sensitive data that requires backing up.

100% solution

We have the solution to these problems: 100% of your data backed up 100% of the time – anywhere, any time, and all centrally managed either by us or your IT or ICT department.

dataJAR’s backup solutions are ideal for executives and teachers looking to secure and protect the data on their mobile devices.

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