Over 480 software titles, updated and patched every week providing seamless software delivery wherever you are.

Our automated packaging service will save you valuable time and effort. But first things first - a quick introduction to Apple packages.

Packages are Apple's preferred way of installing software on to a Mac. Each package contains a configuration, such as an application bundle, information about its version, and where it needs to be installed on your Mac.

Unfortunately, not all applications are delivered through Apple's App Store and constantly maintaining the latest version of any application in your Apple estate can be cumbersome. For example, it often involves going to the application vendor’s website (such as Google Chrome), downloading the application, packaging using system administration software, and then uploading to your management platform.

Now imagine you have 20 application titles to maintain! Thankfully a solution is at hand.

dataJAR’s automated software delivery packaging service is an elegant and dedicated system designed to take all the work out of this process. We validate the developer, verify the checksum and virus check every software title.

We make this simple.


Each customer that manages macOS devices has a repository hosted on dataJAR’s Cloud Distribution Network (CDN) containing their private licensed software.

Also, for the Auto-Update Framework, there is a single repository which is populated by freely downloadable applications as well as those that can be deployed and licensed post-installation.

We have around 480 software titles that are updated daily within library. We also add around 5 per-week.


Customers have an on-site appliance which synchronises daily their specific repository as well as the Auto-Update Frameworks repository.

This allows for macOS devices to receive software updates from their local on-site appliance rather than downloading from the internet, saving valuable bandwidth and providing a better user experience.

Want to take the strain out of packaging? Discuss our automated packaging service.

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