Adobe removes support for Adobe Flash Player

Darren WallaceApple, Deployment, macOS, Maintenance


In mid-2017, Adobe announced the end of support for Adobe Flash Player after December 31, 2020 (Adobe Flash Player End of Life). 

This includes:

  • All updates and bug fixes
  • All security patches and fixes
  • All support

From January 12, 2021, Adobe will also block Flash content from running. Adobe strongly recommends Adobe Flash Player is removed from all systems.


As mentioned above, Adobe suggests Flash Player is removed from all systems – Mac, PC or otherwise. As possible replacements, they suggest using their Adobe Animate or Adobe Air products. More information can be found on their FAQ page here.

Additional information for dataJAR customers

With Adobe having now ceased support for Adobe Flash Player and strongly recommending its removal, dataJAR will also be unable to provide support on this product. 

We will be contacting customers who are affected by this change over the next few weeks to discuss removal of Adobe Flash Player.

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